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Awards and Accolades

Brainetics has received numerous awards and accolades from top educational and family lifestyle organizations


Recognizes fun, skill building, high play value toys.


The leading international educational award honoring excellence in mind-building media and toys.


The nation’s oldest nonprofit guide to quality children’s media and toys.


Recognizes products approved by real moms and childcare workers.

Can you multiply 64 x 38 In your head?
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Parents Love Brainetics
Why Kids Love Brainetics
Teachers Love Brainetics

Boost Confidence and Grades

Build Mental Muscle Memory

Get Your Brain Working Fast

Boost Confidence and Grades

Get an edge by processing information faster than anyone else!

Brainetics secret techniques and shortcuts are the easy way to overcome learning anxieties and develop skills that will help you succeed in school, at work and in life!

Build Mental Muscle Memory

Brainetics makes your brain feel bigger!

With Brainetics you can do amazing things with your memory. You will also more easily remember names, assignments, passwords and to-do lists.

Get Your Brain Working Fast

Make problem solving second nature.

The more you practice, the faster you get. Calculate tips, budget your allowance, and track fitness statistics all in your head.

Can you memorize ALL THE US
In your head?
Mike Byster
Message from Mike Byster, Brainetics Creator

"Why I Know BRAINETICS Will Work For You"

I was not born a genius.

I was born with a gift for pattern recognition and numbers but I struggled in school. My parents were my first teachers and taught me never to give up.

The Brainetics system is a culmination of my lifetime of finding ways to make learning cool and engaging. In the past 17 years I have visited over 16,000 classrooms, teaching my methods to kids, adults and seniors for FREE.

When people see what I can do, they are incredulous. When I show them that they can do the same things, it is life changing.

Using the Brainetics system you will:

  • Learn to do difficult mathematical computations quickly in your head!
  • Improve your memory, concentration and focus skills!
  • Identify complex patterns in numbers, letters and words!
  • Feel your confidence soar!
  • Learn how to learn, not what to learn!

I have taught people ages 9-99, from the differently-abled to the gifted to do things that they never thought possible. And they had fun doing it! This is why I know Brainetics will work for you!

Mike Byster

What BRAINETICS can do for you:

  • Learn to multiply and divide in your head!
  • Improve your memory, concentration and focus skills.
  • Identify complex patterns in numbers.
  • Feel your confidence soar!
YOU CAN DO IT TOO! -Mike Byster

Here’s What You Get with BRAINETICS

Brainetics DVD set

Brainetics is a series of fun and interactive videos and exercises that help improve focus, memory, concentration, organization, and of course mental math. To master Brainetics, we recommend that you practice Brainetics for 15 minutes, 3 times a week. you will amaze your friends, teachers, and co-workers immediately! Brainetics is for anyone between 9 and 99 years old.

Brainetics DVDs

Turn on your Brain with 5 Turbocharged DVDs!

  • DVD 1
    Improve focus, concentration and memory skills.
  • DVD 2
    Overcome math anxiety through the use of fun strategies.
  • DVD 3
    Learn shortcuts for solving complex math problems in your head.
  • DVD 4
    Develop mental multitasking strategies to help solve any math problem in your head.
  • DVD 5
    Apply Brainetics memory-building skills to every subject or area of your life.

Learn how to apply Brainetics memory-building skills to every subject. Plus, exercises to help you become a brain master!

Playing Cards and Flash Cards
Playing Cards and Flash Cards

Train your brain to work faster.

parents manual
Parents' Manual

Outlines lessons and helps you encourage your kids.

Brain Boosting Guide
Brain Boosting Guide

Empower your child to discover the power of their brain!

DVD 6-7
DVD 6-7

Two bonus DVDs of amazing math and memory feats. DVD 6 teaches you how to think more creatively DVD 7 helps you master memorization for life!

Brain Games
Brain Games

Fun to-go games with more Brainetics techniques.

You’re Guaranteed to love BRAINETICS - or Your Money Back!

100% Satisfaction
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Still not sure if it’ll work for you? Don’t worry – Brainetics comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Try all the lessons in the DVDs and see how incredibly fun they are. If you’re not loving how your focus, mind and memory are improving – just return the kit for a full refund of your purchase price. What do you have to lose? It’s guaranteed!

"Believe in Yourself"

"For the first time today, I felt smart" signed Brainetics user.

These are my favorite letters. One of the biggest components to learning is confidence. Schools have so many things that they are required to teach and yet no one is teaching students HOW to learn. I am dedicated to filling this educational gap with Brainetics. Tutoring may help in one subject but because Brainetics teaches you how to learn, it helps in all subjects.

I am a self taught genius and I struggled in school. Much of what is taught in Brainetics was born from my struggles in school and then coming up with an enjoyable way to learn it. For instance:

When I was 11, I created the calendar trick. I saw a performer on TV do it but he didn’t tell how he did it. I worked and failed and worked some more until I figured out how he did it. I then broke it down into digestible steps so that anyone can do it.

I insisted that everything in Brainetics be amusing and cool. One person might be able to learn the lyrics to hundreds of songs because they love to sing. Another can tell you every baseball statistic because of their love for the sport. Everything in Brainetics has been kid tested and if it wasn’t fun, we scrapped it!

People learn what they love, it is that simple. I sincerely believe that every person in the world will have a blast doing Brainetics! And I completely believe that you’ll write me soon to tell me how much smarter you feel after learning how to learn with Brainetics.

Mike Byster


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As part of our special TV offer you’ll have Brainetics for only $99 (+FREE S&H). You’ll love watching your kids (and you!) becoming geniuses. State tax will be added to orders shipping to Colorado and New Jersey. All orders are backed by our 30-day money back guarantee!